Thursday, February 22, 2007

Babel Review

My brief Synopsis: While on a trip to the Moroccan dessert, two American tourist find themselves in a struggle to survive and accidental shooting that sets in motion a change of events that link two Moroccan boys involved in an accidental crime, a nanny illegally crossing into Mexico with two American children and a Japanese teen rebel whose father is sought by the police in Tokyo.

My Review: First and foremost who the fuck vacations in the Moroccan dessert. I don't care what has transpired in your life that you might so desperately need to get away from, stay away from third world countries, plain and simple. Now that I got that out, Babel has great expectations for itself: Inarritu invites us to get past the babble of modern civilization and start listening to each other, which seems like such a novel concept we all should practice but usually don't. It wants to be a movie about big ideas and big emotions at the same time, it is aided by gorgeous locations and stunning cinematography, and it succeeds for the most part. The most impressive performances were not by Brad Pitt or Cate Blanchett but by Adriana Barraza (Amelia) and Rinko Kikuchi (Chieko)...Kikuchi performance is stunning, without speaking a single work she puts on one of the best performances of the film. Is this a must see, unfortunatly for all the hype and Oscar talk...Not really.

Kong gives Babel 2.5 wing out of 5

Wingette of the day...

Monday, February 19, 2007

Wing Kong Reviews....Little Miss Sunshine

Here is the preface, trust me it won't ruin anything for you:
The doofus dad wants to be Tony Robbins. The long-suffering mom wishes he'd put away his pipe dreams and be there for the family. The sullen son has taken a vow of silence. The ungainly daughter wants to be a beauty queen. The grandfather snorts heroin. Mom's brother — the gay American Proust scholar — just tried to kill himself. Put these people together in VW Microbus, and you'd think you'd have a recipe for disaster —

My Review
This is was one of the best movies I've watched in quite some time. Not often do a group of charters come together to make a whole that just rings true every step of the way. Don't be mislead by the title this is a film loaded w/ dark humor, along the lines of "The Ice Harvest". It is a wonderful mix of obscure circumstances that bring this dysfunctional family together. It is overflowing w/ such a sick sense of humor that doesn't force the moral of the story on you, it weaves it together to make it's point. For me it proved that family is a heck of a lot like the film's VW bus: It may be clunky, it may not always run right, but everyone will be OK so long as we all get together and push.

Kong gives it 4.5 wings out of 5....a must see

Literally or Figuratively

So I was driving into work this morning, and this dick in a truck pulls out in front of me........

Friday, February 16, 2007

The biggest mistake anyone can make

I have found the biggest mistake most people can make is:

"Never Mistake Kindness for Weakness"

Thursday, February 15, 2007

How Did I Get Here

How Did I Get Here??? The Talking Heads posed this exact question and I love this question. We all ask this exact question of ourselves at different points in our lives...
When we were children it was when we were lost, either in the woods or the shopping center it just depends on where you grew up. Suddenly nothing was familiar around you and panic set in...No familiar landmarks, no familiar faces. Then it hit like you like a ton of bricks, where is my mom!?!?! Later in life we developed the survival skills to make it out of the wood or the social skills to ask for help and not to panic.
When we were in Collage or there about that age, for some earlier in life for some later. The question then arose when you were so drunk you had no idea when or where you were. This was usually followed by lots of puking and even a trip to the ER if you were lucky. The worst case of how did I get here during this time in life is waking up in a strange bed w/ no clue how we got there or where we are and who we are with...But for most of us we grow out of this and realize to drink to a point where we'll at least remember most of the things we did.
Last night I hit this point when I ask myself how did I get here...Wife, Kids, Cats, Dogs, Job, Mortgage, Car Payments, Laundry, dishes...You name it, most of us have it in varying degrees. So I literally laid in bed for about an hour thinking that exact question, "How did I get here?" I'll tell you how, I fought and clawed for everything, fell on my face but got back up, Sometimes I succeeded but usually I failed the first, second and even the third time. I've had more taken away from me than handed to me. I've lost more loved ones than I've gained. In the end would I trade one of these instances for an easier path to get here??? No not one, they make me who I am, these are the pressures of life that forged upon me to make me the diamond (so to speak) that I am....
All of our stories are different of how we got here, but if you step back and look we are all a lot better off for choosing or being thrust upon the path we walk...take a minute to see what you have not what you don't and think of the scarifies it took to get them, them seem so much more precious

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A typical trip to Best Buy...

A friend we will call her T-Bone, texted me w/ a question, "What do I need to go wireless in my house"??? We text back and forth and decide I will go w/ her to Best Buy. We get there and the questions begin. What do i need, will this work w/ what I have, do I need to buy anything extra??? All good questions...But then like the A-Bomb comes the big one
"How do you know this, should we ask someone?!?!?!?".
"I do this for a living, remember you called me and asked me how to set it up" I reply calmly.
"But how do you know it will work??"
"Because I'm a professional and have been doing IT for almost eight years now."
"What if it doesn't work????"
"Look would you second guess your doctor or mechanic???" A long period of Silence...
"Now shut up and go pay for this, and buy me a soda..."

Let it snow...

Snow days don't seem to hold the same value they used to...Why you ask. Its simple there are no snow days for adults...Unless your a teacher or work for a company that doesn't work 24x7. It used to be when those snow flakes fell there was that feeling of I get a day to sled or throw snowballs or do what ever I wanted...Now it's who is going to cover the kids snow day or who's going to cover the 2 hour delay...I really think we all need to step back and enjoy the day for what it.really is..a free day to have fun and be a kid with your Kids again. Who cares if you have work it'll still be there when you get back. I say snow days are national holidays...A everybody leave me the hell alone I'm going sledding w/ Peaches and Snowboarding w/ Peanut day...And I'm staying until they are tired and there little fingers and toes are to cold to do it anymore...Then I'm making some hot Chocolate and Warming up so we can do it again....If you need me leave a message or send me an email. I'm sure I'll be in touch in a day or so...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Night at the Museum...Gets 3.5 out of 5 Wings

I have to say I was reluctant to see this movie, not because it's more or less a children's movie, I love most kids movies. it was because of the cast involved, I somewhat like Ben Stiller but he gets repetitive like Jim Carey has. Owen Wilson is above average, but I will say this, if you get the chance to see only one of his movies this year hands down it has to be "Bottle Rocket". I was hoping Robin Williams would be it's saving grace. But Back to the "Night at the Museum" I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I took the whole family including my 3 year old and Steakbellies youngest son. We all had a great time. It was funny on an adult level and the children's which I always think makes a great family movie. The little jabs that fly right over the kids heads but allow me to giggle to myself. On my new grading system of 1-5 wings this gets a 4...If you have kids and want a good laugh I suggest you check it out.

Friday, February 09, 2007

What's with the Repoman sound track?!?!?!

Some jokes are good enough to last years, this many not be one of them but after the Hal incident in Florida it may just have to....

Can You Name the Movie

Two lines from this movie, If you haven't seen it I suggest you do

Sarcasm is anger's ugly cousin
1:I SAID OVER EASY!! Now why did I do that?
2:Because I refused to spoon with you last night

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hannibal Rising?!?!?!?!

I've been an enormous fan of the Hannibal Lecter series since Silence of the Lambs. And when I heard Hannibal Rising was coming out I was excited, finally what made this monster I loved so, tick. After reading about a hundred pages I have to say I haven't been this disappointed since I read Congo. Don't waste your time...I will finish the book because I hope in my heart of hearts it will get better. I don't need the greatest monster of all to be a sadistic war hero...I won't ruin anymore for anyone else. I will however give my final critique and synopsis when and if I can finish this poor excuse of a book...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Natural vs. Silicone

The debate rages over Natural vs. Silicone...Where the debate rages i have no idea except my own head...When we were waiting for out float to go out we had what I felt one of the most beautiful "dancers" in the place (brunette far right). It came up in conversation that she wanted to get some breast augmentation. I told her she was crazy, I loved the way she looked and should change nothing. I got a few funny looks from the other "enhanced" ladies involved in the conversation. Then it seems Gina said what did I have against implants??? I said nothing but I thought she looked great and I heard they felt fake. With out hesitation the robe was slipped aside from each breast and the top was set askew to reveal quite large and beautiful breast. Followed by go ahead feel them. With a slight amount of the marital guilt I passed. But she insisted and I quickly figured out the odds in my head of when this situation might come up again in my life. So I quickly and hesitantly took feel, she was right they felt real as natural...
So the debate still rages on Real vs. Implants???? I'm sticking w/ Natural but am always open for discussing it again...

Word has it

My entourage was once referred to as "morally casual" by another eater who could not participate this year...I don't agree, but there might be a grain of truth. I'll leave that to you the readers. What I do know is, it seems a certain member of my entourage who shall remain nameless, was escorted from the Wachovia Center after an incident. Seems this someone was performing a certain oral act in a Club Box after her body guard was involved in an altercation on the floor during the Float precession...I was appalled, but not for the reasons you might think. It was simply that I couldn't watch...See I love woman in all shapes and sizes and to see said person going "down" on another woman would have been a wonderful thing to witness. I mean hell most of us surf the web or rent and buy movies to see it. But to see it live would have been nice...
Maybe next year...

Monday, February 05, 2007

4 short

Well it's over and as far as fun and excitement for all my friends and fans of Wing Bowl it may have been a success. But I felt slighted, not by the ladies, they were all beautiful and revealing as I would expect. Not by the attendees, they were there typical supportive and revealing selves. Not by the after party, we had a phenomenal time, good friends and lots of beer. I got to hang out w/ a few of the eater I normally don't get to and it was nice just to bullshit w/ them. Not talking about training techniques or what contest was next, but what they do outside of eating. It was nice, there are a lot of really great eater that are even better people.

So why am I disappointed, it's all in myself, I thought I ate well and obviously I didn't, I ate 70 but was counted for 69, The cut off for the second round was 73. The ratio was spectacular after speaking w/ other eaters and I should count my blessing that I didn't get judged like Chip, Bob, Joey, Rich or Sony. I might have only had 20 counted. Crazy legs had said to be before hand "a good bite takes just as long as a bad one", and I kind of took that to heart, maybe to much so, to no fault of Crazy legs, it was great advice. I was almost to anal about how clean they were. It was disappointing, I make no excuses about things that happened during the week of. I was rested and felt good. I just F'ed up I had to stop to clear twice and dropped 3 wings that I chased like a jackass around the table like the "blind beast".

Will I be back for next year??? Of coarse I will, I won't stop until i make the final table. Besides how do you say no to these fine ladies....I don't think you can.