Monday, April 21, 2008

14 to 23.5 to ???

Seems Nathans is upon us...It's not like anyone who is anyone doesn't already know this. But I can't help but wonder...First year 14...Second year 23.5...Third year???? So many questions seems to swarm my brain this time of year.

Can I improve another 10 dogs (9.5, but who's counting)???
Am I/will I be ready???
Is this my year???

A lot of thought went into these questions as I guess any eater has to answer the man in the mirrors questions...

Can I improve by 10? Why the hell can't I. I'm a better eater now than a year ago, I'm smarter and i know my body and it's limits intimately.

Am I/will I be ready??? If not now then when?!?!?

Is this my year??? Every year is my's what I do w/ it. Whispers of Juris, Shredder, Stekbellie or Arturo. Their numbers mean nothing if I can't make my own number, a number to beat...and that all depends on me and me alone. We all get so damn caught up in speculation of what someone might do...we forget what we need to do.

My destiny is my own and can never be shaped or swayed by anothers obstacles...Only my own...

How many DUI's do you think this dumbass gets