Monday, October 30, 2006

This really puts things in perspective

97...Sounds like an insignificant number. But it's not, in fact it's a number that has humbled me to a point at which I can not explain to you if you've never competed against a professional in any type of contest. Sounds odd I know, but hear me out. I played football in college with a DB who was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons. Now keep in mind I was a 285 lb. offensive lineman, that ran a Sub 5 forty (4.9 but still under 5), had a 27 inch vertical, benched 400 pounds and leg pressed 1000. This guy could make me look like his bitch on any given play at practice. He hit like a 300 pound Linebacker he was literally stronger than every lineman we had and was faster than out quickest wide out. During games it was actually fun watching him play.
Now to my point...this weekend I realized my place in professional eating. During the Krystal's hamburger eating contest, I watched Joey chestnut and Kobayashi eat 187 burgers 91 and 97 respectively. They absolutely shattered the record, but what was humbling was they broke the record by more than I ate (27 burgers). I honestly can not put into words how hard it is for me to fathom how much they ate, I'm in awe at there dedication and pure ability...once again in my like it's like watching men playing against a bunch of boys...

Friday, October 27, 2006

It's official...

It official Brooke Burke and I have broken up. I know your all wondering what could drive her from a catch like me... well I'm here to set the record straight before the rumors start flying. It seems she couldn't handle the roll playing anymore. This weekend I took her out on the "Boat" and we were going to play my favorite game of King and peasant but things got ugly before it even got started...One thing lead to another and I told her if she can't be my dirty little peasant once in a while then she can hit the bricks. She was very distraught losing a man like me, but we decided to remain "friends". I think she just want to keep me around for Booty calls....I'll keep you all updated on the progress of this story

Words I hear all to often

Except my names not Clyde...and I'm not a shark :)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

God Bless Sports Illustratrated

Christmas is coming - here's a gift suggestion for that special lady!

$30 Million Dollar Bikini

The most expensive piece of diamond apparel ever made is making its debut in the
2006 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Designer Susan Rosen worked with Steinmetz
Diamonds to create the ultimate bikini, a special commission in collaboration with the swimsuit editors.
The bikini is made up of over 150 carats of D Flawless diamonds, some of the rarest in the world including ....
a 51ct D Flawless Pear Shape, a 30ct D Flawless Emerald Cut, a pair of 15ct D Flawless Rounds
and a pair of 8ct D Flawless Pear Shapes.
All of the diamonds are free of inclusions, or nature's birthmarks, making the sparkle and brilliance unsurpassable.
That, coupled with perfect D colored stones, which are set in platinum, makes the bikini truly extraordinary.
The diamond bikini is body jewelry that reflects the eternal love and beauty of women.
Not a lot of materials for $30 million.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Why you Love me

For some reason and I can't figure out why, I love to fck w/ people. It's something that just absolutely makes my day. Just today I was helping out one of our training classes. Now I'm simply there for Technical support if any is needed and I usually try to stay "out of site out of mind". But the new trainer tried ruffling my feathers this morning, by saying she was completely capable of handling any issues that may come up. I told her it was a bad idea especially on the first day w/ 10 people to be trained. She was very insistent that she really didn't need IT to do her job. So I left...
20 Minutes later the first call "so and so can't log in"...Obviously she didn't need my help before so I said, it would be about a half of an hour before I could get to it as I started a new project and was @ a point I couldn't take a break. She was pissed...5 minutes later another call, The profile needed to set set response still going to be a while. Another couple of minutes go by and another call something about a printer and when can I get down there...My response "the more you bug me the longer it's going to take"...Realize this whole time I'm on looking for a new HD and memory for my laptop. Finally I mosey on down and fix everything in about 4 minutes...and give her a big old wink and remind the class that if there are any computer related needs to call IS and not training...She was PISSED.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Request or Statement

Is she asking me or making a statement, either way the answer is YES...

You've met the man

Now meet the Legend

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Looking for a new Nanny

Recently we started looking for a new Nanny and we got one a bunch of resumes. And one really stood out...But I'll be dammed if Pepe didn't tell me no and I can't figure out why. She cooks cleans seems wonderful w/ kids…

God Bless Tibet?!?!?! or Know the Tibetan Toe

This is my own version of Tibetan "Know the Toe". Ladies and Gentleman meet Metok Lhanzey, 20, who walks during the 'swimwear round' of Miss Tibet open to the public for the first time this year in Dharamsala. God bless the US and the way we liberate the world...Soon Metok and Paris will have there own show
Note the attendance of Tiger Woods over her left shoulder; guess he's already looking for a replacement...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I'll miss you

I try to keep this blog relatively light and humorous, and if you know anything about me I wear my emotions on my sleeve. So I need to get this off my chest... On Wednesday I lost my great grandmother. Luckily it wasn't after a long battle w/ anything it was simply her body was old and tired. "I think her part were worn out" as my 6 year old son said. She was a strong woman who lived through the depression and more personal loss than any one person should have to live through. Looking back I realize it made her a stronger but lonely person and sometimes bitter person. Here is a brief history of her, and trust me with 98 years of life this may rival cliff notes; Marguerite was one of two twins born on May 8th 1908, her twin sister never made it past a few weeks of life. I don't know allot of her time as a youth because she never spoke of it much. I do know she lived through the depression but always made it sound like it wasn't that hard on her. But I know it affected her more than she led on. It was her mannerisms w/ money and food. She never spent frivolous or ate to the point of excess (how she ended up w/ a competitive eater I'll never know). It was like she was always saving things for another day. She was married and gave birth to her son Artie (my grandfather). She was quickly divorced after because as she put it "he was a momma's boy, so I sent him home to his momma". Artie was raised by my great great grand mother "little grand mom" who for the record lived to 104, not sure exactly why he lived w/ her but it was a conversation I dare to broach more than once and w/kid gloves on. But in typical Marge fashion I was told it was none of my business and move on. Artie in turn married Margie (my grandmother), but as fate would have it Artie was killed in a motor cycle accident when Margie was 7 months pregnant. Margie moved to Phoenix for health reason raised my mother alone, until she died when my mom was 16. My mom found her dead in bed one day. DJ (my mother) moved back to Jersey to finish H.S. with Marguerite and little gram. But again fate and its cruel ways struck for the second time, taking my mother from us when I was 12. This seemed to hit her pretty hard, but I wasn't around to see how any of the others affected her. My brother and I were adopted by close family friends but she was always a part of my life. She moved to Louisiana with her niece and sister where they lived for 5 years. When they returned to Jersey where her sister died shortly after and my cousin didn't want to take care of her anymore. So my wife and I took her in...Where she lived w/ us for almost 3 years. She went to the "Home" after a series of falls put her in a wheel chair. I felt incredibly lucky to have her in my life so long and even more fortunate to have my children (her great great Grandchildren) spend so much time with her. Though I think it was great for them to see a perspective of life they would never get from me or Pepe, it was even better for her. It seemed to give her a sense of purpose, almost something new to live for. And that purpose got her into 98 year of life.

So now I have to say goodbye to a woman who played many important roles in my life. Like mother figure when mine couldn't be around, a friend when I just needed to someone to talk to, family historian and the voice of reason when I was being a knucklehead. Some how her patented "YOU BIG DUMB OX" reeled me back in or just made me laugh and made me think...

Gram I love you and you will be missed...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Krystals Train is finally running

The Krystal's train just ran...Ran through me like grease through a goose.

Funny article...Seems Drexel Hill didn't represent like it should have

I'm out of hiding

I went underground the last week to keep my training under wraps. For 2 reasons I thought I might be able to surprise somebody and pull off mid 30's. The only person I surprised was myself by stinking up the place...27. I was and am quite disappointed in myself. I believe deep down that I can be good @ eating...maybe not top 10 but definitely top 20.

So now what??? 3 things one get ready for Wing Bowl in Philly, 2 Meatballs in AC...And three Lose 30 pounds before the AC trip...I think this is what is holding me back...