Wednesday, December 13, 2006

If you are walking away, walk away w/ your head high

Maybe it's my naivety and new newness to Competitive eating but I don't understand the why we are blowing the Sonya issue so far out of proportion. I've tossed this back and forth in my head for a few days, read allot of fodder about it on and still don't understand. I know she is great, I've had the privilege to eat against her twice, she handed me my ass both times. But it was still an awesome thing to experience, it gave me the fuel to push my own personal limits and new techniques to try and see if I could copy, remember imitation is the greatest form of flattery.
My issue is this and this alone, we all chose when and how we want to go out. Barry Sanders went out on top, too early in my opinion; yes but who gives a F#@K what I think. I'm not him I've never taken the pounding of a professional football player and he knew what was right for him. I am trying to make the sacrifices necessary to be a great eater and it's not easy either. Maybe she's had enough of the sacrifices, let her walk away.
We made no bones about Ed Jarvis, or Badlands walking away we wished them good-bye and good luck. I see them brought them back every once in a while for guest appearances or as special council to decide the outcome of an eater...Did they walk away on top?!?! Maybe, maybe not, but we let them go w/ grace and the respect they deserved for paving the way for end tablers like me. Let's show her the same respect for laying the foundation for the next group of female and male eaters...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Cereal Bowl 2006

Seems the kids are jumping on the competitive eating band wagon...Since I qualified for Wing Bowl, we've had our own competition every morning "Cereal Bowl" every morning. The competition is between my 6 year old and my 3 year old...It's so damn funny...I have to count them down and be a judge. Seems the three year old it trying to bribe the judge to day w/ Kisses. It's one of the funniest things you'll ever see...

Tomorrow "Egg Bowl"

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

3lbs 5&1/3 ounces in 43 seconds....I'M IN BABY

It's official...I'm in Wingbowl. I don't ever toot my own horn but it was a good run, 43 seconds by my "official" time keeper 48 seconds according to WIP. Either way it went well. I was nervous and had horrendous cotton mouth. But as soon as the beans hit my mouth it felt like I was in a zone. I was quite happy w/ how everything went. In typical fashion Angelo was riding me about my name and my older wing Kong Shirt, this that and the other. But after the stunt his attitude changed quite a bit. I'm pretty sure he was quite happy and feels that I will represent quite well.
A while after my stunt Steakbellie went, w/ a 2 foot hoagie a half gallon of Lemonade and a small bag of chips....All I can say about this was WOW. He absolutely owned that stunt today. I've seen SteakBellie eat many times either in contests or all of the times we have trained together and never have I witness him rip through something that well. He literally owned that stunt I was more than impressed w/ him today I was amazed.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Apparently 46 isn't good enough

Well I did my second run of the baked beans and I was quite happy, 3lbs in 46 seconds but apparently this isn't good enough for you die hard fans of competitive eating. I know allot of you have mentioned that if I didn't do it to break the record it was really a worthless stunt. I disagree, I am doing this to get into the Wing Bowl not a baked bean eating contest. I asked around and it was more or less confirmed that it would not count if I did break the record. People may acknowledge I did it but it would not be official, so I see no reason to go to the extreme in this specific situation and potentially screw up my chances of getting into Wing Bowl. Most of you have commented on Dale Boone's record of 84 ounces in 1:52. and Don Lerman's 6lbs (96 ounces mind you) in 1:46. So I ask why is everyone pushing Dale's record when his is less weight and a slower time. If by chance I get a shot at a baked bean eating contest in the future I think I'll fair quite well, but until the sun shines on this dogs ass we all will have to be satisfied w/ 3lbs in around 45 seconds...Because Angelo and Al are.