Monday, June 30, 2008


It's taken me a while to write about losing to Pat at QVC. Probably because in my own sick little disillusioned mind I really thought I had a shot of coming close to Booker if I could add an extra dog to the QVC total and he had a slightly off day. Unfortunately/fortunately I got to witness first hand why he is a great eater. My hat is off to him I was impressed and humbled by his speed and capacity for not training in any way for that event.

QVC was lined up perfect for me, it was like it was written in the stars. Unfortunately no one told Pat that. This was the first time I have done an event at QVC. The conditions, atmosphere and crowd are all perfect to try and put a good number. As George called us to the stage, I was surprised that Pat was called earlier than I though he should. which left USMale on my direct left and Flash Gordon next to him. On my right was Paul “Buffet Buster” Sakelarides followed by steakbellie then Pat. I got off to a good start, the AC made the dogs a litle cold but was great for keeping the meatsweats at bay until a little later in the contest. I tried to focus on my plates and my numbers, but I would hear how Flash Gordon and Pat were neck and neck , I knew I was 2 meats ahead of them. With just under a minute left I cleared and got another down putting me @ 21 an putting me even or a head of Flash, not sure where Philbin was. With 5 seconds left I stuffed one more taking it to 22. I looked left at Flashes plate and knew I had beat him, some relief there. I turn around to look at Pat's number his counter has him @ 22, suddenly panic, "Shit overtime" immediately goes in my head. I look over to steakbellie and show him 22 w/ my fingers. Yet I see no look of excitement for me...I gaze just past him to see Pat's plate, and I know why. There sits the lonely half of a dog that is stopping me from Conney Island. In my head I scream "FUCK"...I wanted this, I really did. 4 inches of dog, I had room for that...I was just beaten that day. Pat was the better eater and the smarter eater that day.

So now that I was man handled by Booker in Camden and Juliet in Pittsburgh. Then out smarted by Pat at QVC...Most would say wait until next year...With big boasts of comebacks and bigger numbers and smarter runs. But I say, we will have see what the future brings, w/ a little luck and hard work maybe I will finally see the stage at Conney, and not just on TV or from a distance. Maybe family pressure w/ bring it all to an end, who knows. I sure don't...

To all of you who made it this year a heart felt congratulations, it's a lot of work and dedication to get where you are and you all deserve every bit of it.